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DYNO Tuning

How well is your motorcycle engine tuned? Does your motorcycle idle rough? Have you made recent changes in exhaust, air intake, or added performance upgrades? Do you want to get the most horsepower out of your engine? It’s our passion to make sure your motorcycle is operating at it’s peak performance.

With a properly DYNO tuned motorcycle, you will not only make the engine run better but can prolong the time period between servicing and maintenance. With the engine running smoother and burning the proper amount of fuel your parts, brakes, oil change, tires, throttle cables and engine can last substantially longer. We can also use the DYNO to diagnose problems and even foresee future problems. DYNO tuning can tell us if you need spark plugs, problems with a slipping clutch, valve adjustments, timing belts, and engine rebuilds. By properly DYNO tuning we can obtain better MPG, ride-ability and more power all at the same time!

Precision Motorcycle’s trained staff have years of experience DYNO tuning every motorcycle brand on the market. We now offer DYNO tuning on with our DynoJet Dynamometer 250i. Baseline pulls will tell you how you bike is performing today for only $129. Custom DYNO tuning and mapping from $275 for inline engines, V-Twin’s starting at $450.

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